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Nonsense generates random (and sometimes humorous) text from datafiles and templates using a very simple, recursive grammar. It's like having a million monkeys sitting in front of a million typewriters, without having to feed or clean up after them. From the Slashdot homepage to absurd college courses to buzzword bingo cards, Nonsense is a good way to waste time.

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Take a look at some of the things Nonsense can produce:

Latest Version
The latest version is 0.6, released February 10, 2001. Download the tarball right now (122 KB) or fetch other versions from the downloads page.

Nonsense is...
- Licensed under the GNU General Public License

- Written in Perl 5

- Executable from a command-line or CGI environment on virtually any platform that supports Perl

- Created by James Baughn. Fred Hirsch and Peter Suschlik have submitted patches.

- Guaranteed to provide hours of mindless entertainment or your electrons back

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Who needs a million monkeys?

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